2020 Admissions News

22nd April 2020

Given the uncertainty of the current situation, the EA has made arrangements to prepare and issue notification of placement letters for Pre-School Stage 1 to parents for receipt on 29 April 2020. The letter will outline the application outcome, provide information on the appeals process and link to the EA website for more information.

As it is possible that due to Covid-19 that some post may take longer to deliver than usual, the Citizen Portal will be opened on Wednesday 29 April and parents / guardians who had applied online can login to view their child’s pre-school (target age Stage 1) placements. Guidance on how to log in and access placement offers will be accessible on the EA website.

The placement letters from the EA will not contain information about whether your child has been allocated a morning or an afternoon place. The class places for September 2020 have been allocated by the school and we will be in touch with each individual applicant after the EA letters are received to confirm your child's class.