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Sunnylands Nursery School, Sunnylands Ave, Carrickfergus

About Us

As a parent you want the very best for your child and choosing your child’s pre-school provision is the first important decision you will make about their educational future. By choosing Sunnylands Nursery School you will provide your child with an excellent start to their life in education. We are a happy, supportive, stimulating, caring school where your child will flourish and grow.

What we provide is unique.

Our nursery education premises are purpose-built and our indoor and outdoor resources are geared towards the learning needs of young children. Our qualified teachers and nursery assistants provide a carefully planned and structured learning environment.

What will your child learn at nursery school?

  • How to develop good relationships with other children and adults

  • Develop confidence, independence and self-discipline

  • Use their own initiative

  • Play alone or as part of a group

  • Respect others and acquire social skills

  • Experience success and enjoy the consequent satisfaction of achievement

  • Develop at their own rate through challenging progressive play

  • Express themselves and be creative through the exploration of a wide variety of

    materials and equipment

  • Experience the pleasure of books, stories, poetry, drama, song, movement and music

  • Experience the wonder of science and the natural world

  • Have FUN – children who are not happy will not learn effectively.

    Pastoral Care

    The nursery is an extension of the home and by sharing in the relationship already established with parents, an attempt is made by all the nursery staff to create a safe, secure, stimulating and happy environment.

    Parental Involvement

    At Sunnylands Nursery School we aim to involve parents in their child’s education through close links between home and school. We recognise the importance of you, the parent, as your child’s first educator. Your opinions and views are welcomed and respected in our school and we have an open door policy to ensure you have maximum involvement in your child’s education. Our nursery will become part of your child’s family life.

    Like you, we consider your child’s wellbeing and happiness to be our top priority. Our staff are always available for guidance, support and information.